Therapeutic Massage

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Medical * Restorative * Deep Tissue * Myofascial Release
Swedish Relaxation * Temple Thai Massage
Sports Massage

Regular Massage can aid in the reduction of stress by encouraging deep relaxation, reducing anxiety, increasing vitality, and facilitating an overall feeling of well-being.

Chronic pain is a problem that many people suffer from.  Massage can be extremely helpful in relieving pain by triggering the release of opiate-like chemicals produced in the brain.  It also goes directly to the source, inhibiting pain receptor sites.

Massage is very beneficial for inflammatory conditions, such as tendinitis. Additionally it speeds up wound healing by bringing an increase of nutrient-rich blood to the area, and restores the tissue to a healthy state.    Finally certain techniques break up adhesions and soften scar tissue allowing for increased joint mobility.

We are a therapeutic massage establishment located in Rockland County in the quaint village of  Suffern NY, that caters to women only...

To make an appointment to experience the benefits of massage

Contact Carol at...Ph. 914.262.1988

All massages are preformed by a NYS licensed massage therapist


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