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About Carol 

Carol Hubbell is a NYS licensed massage therapist with an associate degree in Occupational Studies from the Swedish Institute.  This has been her full time practice for over 6yrs and she has developed a unique style of customized massage techniques.  Carol has a deep understanding of the benefits that massage therapy can provide each individual.  This gives her the capability to determine which treatment is applicable for your needs... 

Contact Carol at...Ph. 914.262

Carol is endorsed by and affiliated with the following health care providers
located in Rockland County NY...

Dr. Dave Hirsch, D.C.  Family Wellness & Nutrition
Located in Suffern, NY
Contact Dr. Hirsch at...Ph. 845.504.0743

Dr. Ling Lin-Chu, L. Ac., Ms., PhD
Located in Congers, NY
Contact Dr. Lin-Chu at...Ph. 914.714.9866

Personal Trainer
Lauren Santarlasci, Ace Certified
Located in Pearl River, NY
Contact Lauren at...Ph. 914.522.5462

Physical Therapy
Rockland Recovery
Richard Serrano, M.S.P.T.
Located in New City, NY
Contact Richard at...Ph. 845.354.7779

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