Therapeutic Massage

...feel the power of touch...

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A Customized a blend of different techniques combined to suite the needs of each client.  They include all or some of the following modalities:

Full Body Swedish...for increased circulation of blood and lymph, to provide nutrition to soft tissue, for removal of metabolic waste and toxins from body, temporarily reduce blood pressure and finally reduce stress.

Myofascial stretch the connective tissue under the skin which surrounds every muscle.  Stretching this tissue enables muscles to lengthen more easily.

Sports Stretches...if you have over toned shortened muscles you will love these series of  muscle lengthening stretches.

Trigger Point loosen those nasty little knots in your shoulders, neck and back by releasing the points that cause the spasms.

Deep Tissue...utilizes a direct pressure and friction to coax those  tight areas of muscle into submission by releasing chronic pain and inflammation.

Japanese Acupressure Point tonify and balance you energetically..

Your  mind body and soul will thank you...

Other Modalities Cont.

Temple Thai Massage
...uses a series of slow methodical compressions, stretches and acupressure so as to allow the free movement of chi (the body's energy force)
to flow evenly throughout you...
These sessions are preformed on a mat, on the floor with client in comfortable clothing and generally last 1 hour.

Sports Massage

Pre Event pace massage designed to enhance range of motion, elongate  muscles for full contractions and invigorate the body for the event.

Post Event...slow pace massage with compression to ease muscle strain and stretches to bring the contracted post event muscles to a normal length, avoiding cramping.

Other Modalities

Injury Targeted Medical Massage
is designed to target specific areas of concern do to overuse or trauma.  These techniques can reduce swelling, break up adhesion's, realign scar tissue fibers during wound healing and speed up recovery time.  Your doctors approval in writing will be required for this modality. 

Some of the conditions that benefit from massage...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tension Headaches  ***  TMJ Syndrome
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Tendinitis  ***  Plantar Fasciitis
Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain
Whiplash  ***  Sciatica
Strained muscles and sprained ligaments
Edema  ***  Fibromyalgia
Tennis and Golfers Elbow
Joint Pain  ***  Frozen Shoulder

To name a few...

Japanese Hot Stone a delicious massage using warmed basalt lava stones and oil to infuse heat into muscle tissue, thus melting away the tension.  Very ceremonial...

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